Welcome to the ultimate guide for EVERYTHING Franchise Mode on MLB The Show 22! In this video, I will be bringing you through quite literally everything in Franchise Mode, giving you an explanation of each thing you will have the ability to do yourself or set to “auto” along the way. Feel free to leave a comment about anything that you think I may have missed, as well as your own tips and tricks regarding Franchise here on YouTube or over on the Discord server! We would love to have you join the team!

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0:00 Introduction
1:11 Starting Franchise Mode (Team Selection, Roster Vaults)
5:06 Start-of-Franchise Settings
7:48 Franchise Homescreen
8:34 **HANDBOOK**
9:26 Analyzing your Roster
11:27 40-Man Roster
13:23 Distributing Players (MLB/AAA/AA/A)
15:24 Setting your Lineups
17:19 Setting your Pitching Rotation/Bullpen
20:04 Depth Chart
21:39 Training (Which Attributes Do/Don’t Matter?)
24:22 Transactions (Pending, Completed, Roster History)
25:21 Budget (+Adding Sponsors)
27:53 GM Goals
28:43 Free Agents
31:52 Trading (Trade Blocks, Finding Trades, etc.)
35:50 Staff Contracts (Coaches)
37:41 Staff Contracts (Scouts)
40:07 Player Search
41:30 “League” Tab (Standings, Stats, Top Prospects, etc.)
43:00 “Options” Tab (Settings, Sliders, Save File, etc.)
44:58 Spring Training Contract Extensions
46:53 Calendar Simulation
47:10 Quick Manage Example
49:36 Scouting
52:55 Final Review Before Starting Season
56:33 Monthly Organizational Updates
57:32 Updating your Scouting
57:59 The Draft (Deciding Who to Select)
1:00:36 Signing your Draft Picks
1:02:58 Simulating to All-Star Week (Game, HR Derby)
1:03:34 Simulating the Rest of the Season/Postseason
1:05:08 Overview of Season Stats/Awards
1:05:57 Simulating to Offseason
1:06:51 Exclusive Free Agent Negotiations
1:08:14 Review Staff/Rebrand Team
1:08:36 Selecting your 40-Man Roster (Pre-Rule 5 Draft)
1:09:53 Salary Arbitration
1:11:20 Tendering Contracts **IMPORTANT TRICK**
1:12:29 Signing Free Agents
1:14:04 Rule 5 Draft
1:15:33 Arbitration Negotiations
1:15:58 Withdrawing Free Agent Offers (Evaluating Interest Levels)
1:17:17 Simulating to Renewable Contracts
1:18:29 Outro