The cost of joining the Stroud Homes team comes down to three things.

Working capital: We think that you should have a working capital of 10% of the total contract value of your builds. For example, if you expect to build 4 homes at the same time and the value of each contract is $250,000, that means you have $1 million worth of construction so you should have at least 10% of that in your bank account which in this example would be $100,000.

Startup Costs: A well planned start up package means you keep more in your bank for working capital! The initial franchise fee is 79k, however, upfront costs are 59k and this includes 10k towards your grand opening advertising allowance. The 20k balance of your franchise start up fee is paid off over your first 8 jobs, this keeps more capital in your bank. Contact us for full details on this.

The Fit Out Of Your Sales Venue: Your sales office could be standalone office or it could be a display centre with a display home. We don’t usually build display homes because this takes time and most new franchisee’s want to get started as soon as possible.

You usually need about $150k to get one of these businesses set up. Before you start, we have to create a business plan to determine exactly how it is going to work out for your area and your situation.

Most builders (generally) don’t have $150k or $200k sitting around in an account, so it’s common for builders who have previously invested in property to try and extract equity from those properties in order to secure a business loan.

At Stroud, we have certain selected preferred suppliers, however if you write us a letter stating you don’t want to use our suppliers, you are free to use whatever suppliers may be a better for you, your business and your market.

Everyone looking to start a Stroud Building Franchise will need a builders license. Every part of Australia requires a nominated builder.

Contact Stroud Homes Franchising
For more information you can contact the Stroud Homes Franchise Manager in your state:
NSW, ACT, VIC & SA: Scott Clague on 0448 787 683
QLD: Mark Harris on 0427 705 560


Address: 62 High St, Boonah QLD 4310