Here are the top 3 things you will want to consider when rolling out a website program for your franchisees. 

1) Leads – a website is only as good as its call to action. If the website is not optimized to capture more business for the franchisee what is the point? Forms, calls, online ordering, recruiting employees – figuring out the intended action and building around that will help franchisees get behind a website program (that they will pay for).

2) Personalized Рalmost every franchisee will want to have some level of control i.e. adding pictures, content, blogs, events, promos etc. Each franchisee will demand a different feature or functionality. It is up to the franchise org to decide what level of control they grant to the franchisee. The franchisee should be able to have the website be a reflection of what is happening at that particular location so either corporate will do it or the franchisee will.

3) Local Presence Рthe website needs to be SEO optimized to the geography, services, products and promos offered by the particular franchisee location. Moreover, the information (i.e. hours, menus, services) presented on the website needs to be distributed to search engines, web directories, social media networks and major data aggregators Рthe website needs to play nicely with listings management services i.e. SOCI, Chatmeter, Yext. 

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