A great compensation program is a key ingredient for building a winning sales team.

As MSP leaders build out their sales teams, many struggle with how to balance all the key variables, such as base pay, variable compensation, bonuses, and sales quotas. Each different sales role also has its own set of goals and compensation levers.

Listen in on this IronPath MSP Expert Panel as we talk with Armon Aghaie, VP of Sales and Sales Engineering for 1Path, and Anthony DeGraw, VP of Sales at Integris.

In this webinar, you will learn:
– How to tailor compensation to the different sales functions, such as BDRs, AEs, and AMs
– Why you should create incentives in areas such as first-time appointments (FTAs) and assessments
– How to scope and evolve your compensation program over time
– Why a win-win approach is so vital as you grow and develop your team