The the lifeblood of your business is the happiness of your clients, the service they’re receiving and their perception of it.

How are they ever going to be happy with this service unless it’s being delivered by people who are happy with their jobs, content and not stressed out.

We’re here to tell you how to improve that culture so you can improve the retention rate you can improve the satisfaction you can prove improve the team spirit of your team and i’ve thought of so many examples

1) [1:00]: Having written standards and guidelines that all technicians follow so everybody’s on the same page, as part of a well-indexed sort of knowledge base or guide.

One of the best things you can do to organize your help desk is to write down the way that the whole thing is supposed to work so that everybody knows that there are consistent standards.

2) [3:30]:Have group huddles, a time where everyone can get together as a team. They can raise anything that they feel the team would help with. People should be able to throw things in and just so the group sort of harmonizes their energy for a bit and everyone’s on the same page.

3) [4:40]: Have a dispatcher or service coordinator to assist, guide, and organize technicians. A lot of the the time MSPs are chaos because they don’t have a dispatcher who’s the center of all the tickets that are on the help desk and manage how they’re being fulfilled and allocated.

4) [7:30]: Incentivize documentation and mentoring. It’s important to make sure that your documentation is kept up to date and that a certain amount of mentoring based on documentation occurs.

There should be somebody like a dispatcher or a senior technician who’s who makes sure that after they solve the issue they bring the reverse escalate the ticket back down to the staff they are mentoring and make sure that the notes are good enough so they can read understand what what actually solved the issue in the end so they can grow as as a person.

This can also be incentivized, for example providing a reward at the end of the month for the technician who flagged the most number of missing documentation items. Rewarding the improvement of documentation is a great way to keep your documentation complete and up to date.

5) [10:00]: Applaud good client feedback in the little huddles. Pat your staff on the back when then do a good job.

Some MSPs have the attitude where if there ain’t no complaints we good, but we believe there should be raving reviews of your service that’s what will lead to a word of mouth culture that will make your make your business grow without you.

6) [11:40]: All hands on deck alert, such as a notification that gets send out to all of the techs and any senior tech that’s working on project work and has a few minutes can go on the help desk and knock down some tickets to reduce the load in times where the front lines get overloaded.

7) [13:40]: Giving your technicians an anonymous way of giving feedback about what they don’t like about their job, or what can be improved.

At Support Adventure we hire technicians and assign them to MSPs and monitor the results, acting as a middlemen in that listens to both sides so we can create greater harmony in the relationship. We get to hear a lot of feedback from technicians that wouldn’t tell the MSPs if they were direct employers.

We hire handpicked MSP Techs and integrate them into MSPs. Learn more:

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