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Be U Salon is the national franchise that is taking the salon experience into the future. Our salons use smart mirrors, cameras, and apps to give customers the best from visiting us or receiving at-home treatments. Years of experience have tested and refined our successful combination of online & offline technology. We now have 200+ salons across more than 40 cities and a 90% rate of repeat visits from our 10,000+ subscribers. We seek entrepreneurs across India to find success with their own franchise while growing and improving the Be U Salon brand

Salon Franchises in India make a great profit if they are well supported by the brand itself. A brand that has gained the trust of the customers through the years leads to a profitable franchise. The world of beauty is run by talented individuals who have expertise in their fields.

You must look for a trusted name to put your money on and hire trained individuals for the actual work and you’re good to go. When it comes to a good haircut or a facial, the customer chooses the brand that they can trust. The same goes with the salon franchise. You must choose a brand that you can trust.

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Billionpreet by Bhavpreet Singh Soni it is a ultimate business channel which motivates young entrepreneurs to invest and increase there business. We started with the franchise business but now we’re going to scale it with good Startups. We’re building a platform where Franchisors, Startups and Investors can meet at one place.

Focusing on the Indian Franchise is our main Focus, how we can help them grow their business in-terms of Money, Expansion, Brand Identity, Values, etc.

Focusing on the Indian Startups is the main key because as we’ve seen a massive boom in startup industry has taken place in India. Where most of the startups lack in-terms of Scaling, Execution, Brand Values, Insufficient Funds, Manpower etc. We cover all the startups to franchisors where there is a good brand, there is a Scope of Scaling the Business.

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