Does Snap -On Tools Exploit U.S. Military Veterans? An Open Ltr to CEO Nick Pinchuk SHORT VERSION

The Snap-On Tools franchise is aggressively promoted as a top franchise for military veterans. But does the reality of the franchise program match the hype? Does Snap -On Tools Actually Exploit the U.S. Military Veterans who sign their 548-page binding agreement and silences negative opinions? Is the Snap-On Tools franchise a path to freedom & security or a totalitarian dictatorship that serves only its stockholders and directors.

Snap-On CEO Nicholas Pinchuk has received $111,000,000 in compensation since 2006 with an average compensation of more than $7,000,000 yearly. He is an Army veteran who graciously promotes Snap-On as dedicated to veterans. Investigative reporter and publisher of franchise industry watchdog site UnhappyFranchisee.Com asks CEO Nick Pinchuk 12 straightforward questions regarding Snap-On Tools targeting & treatment of military veterans who become Snap-On dealers.

An Open Letter to CEO Nick Pinchuk also confronts whether Snap-On Tools “blacklisted” former Sergeant of Marines Kyle De Santis so they could strip him of the valuable business he devoted 6 years and over $1,000,000 to develop. It’s a tragic tale that also calls into question the sincerity of the individuals and companies who may claim that they respect and appreciate our veteran’s military service, but don’t make an effort to protect those who have protected us.

Some of the companies & individuals involved in this story include:

Snap-On Tools Inc.
Snap-On SecureCorp
Snap-On Credit
Nicholas Pinchuk, Snap-On CEO
Lee Karlson, Regional Manager, Snap-On
Travis Bozman, Snap-On Manager
National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburg, PA
Claims Adjuster James McAndrews
Bakersfield Truck Center
California Truck Centers
LDV Custom Display Vans
International Franchise Association (IFA)
Franchise Business Review

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