If you ever find yourself struggling to provide best-in-class services at fair prices AND sustainable margins, than this session is for you! We will dive into how your managed services can be managed and built to scale proportionately.

Utilizing the ConnectWise suite as well as your financial targets, we will work together and discuss how we can build accountable mechanisms that lead to profitable clients that are raving fans.

Topics to include:
– Service Manager Expectations
– Connectwise Agreement best practices
– Account Management of at-risk clients
– Services team expectations
– Resource Cost Management

00:00 – Introduction
02:45 – About Me
10:15 – What is Managed Services?
19:00 – The Problem
21:02 – Why profitability is important
24:19 – Profitability Pie
26:59 – How to eat the pie
29:14 – The Funnel
41:27 – Deeper Analysis
44:11 – Putting it into Action
48:17 – Q&A
49:20 – The Calculator