Episode 149 includes:

00:00 Create amazing marketing with these 3 influential weapons
09:20 Find out about the $5,000 MSP giveaway
12:45 MSP failure advice from the MSP Podcast Crossover
14:40 What is ‘scrappy marketing’ and how you can use it
27:49 A great book recommendation all about knowing your audience

Featured guests:

As part of this month’s Ultimate MSP podcast crossover event, thank you to Adam Walter, co-host of The @Humanize IT Podcast, for joining Paul to share the best piece of business advice he’s ever been given. In each episode of their show, hosts Adam Walter, Skip Ziegler and other industry experts, show business owners, technology professionals and problem-solvers how to excel their careers with a new, more conversation-based approach to IT.

Find out more about this September’s Ultimate MSP podcast crossover event, including the $1000 prize:

The Ultimate MSP podcast crossover

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Thank you to Colt Briner from Scrappy AF Marketing for joining Paul to discuss how smart marketing on a low budget can have huge impact. Colt helps mid-stage organisations apply creativity and strategy to capture market share from industry incumbents and build pathways into new markets. Colt combines rich strategy with deeply practical application – and a bit of humour – to ensure his listeners come away equipped to succeed as better marketers and better leaders.
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Extra show notes:

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On the subject of creating influential marketing, Paul recommended the book / audiobook Influence by Robert Cialdini:

Find out how to leave a product / vendor revue with Channel Program and earn your share of $5000:
Find out more about this September’s MSP marketing podcast crossover event including the $1000 prize:

The Ultimate MSP podcast crossover

Thank you to Mike Verret from Verret & Associates for recommending the book Rise & Grind by Daymond John:


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